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We help couples entering retirement become financially self-sufficient, so they don’t have to rely on a job in their later years to be able to take care of themselves throughout their retirement, and so they can have the financial freedom to do the things they dream of with those they love.

Designing a Lifetime Income Plan

You have worked….
Saved and invested well….
Have a tidy nest egg…
Now what? 

One of our specialties is helping couples build confidence for their approaching retirement. When they first come to us, their main concern is that the money they’ve saved might not be enough to last throughout the rest of their lives.

They feel uncertain about how much support they’re going to receive from Social Security, and they are worried they may not have enough money to provide for themselves throughout their retirement… or to have the financial freedom to do the things they dream of, like taking some special trips with their spouse or their families.

Oftentimes, they find themselves wondering about things like the possibility of having to go get another job in the years that they should be enjoying, or having to move back in with their children.

On top of that, they feel unsettled with how their money will be left behind, and they want to be sure they’re making the right choices for their own personal family situation, so they can leave behind a beautiful monetary legacy that positively impacts their loved ones and the causes they care about.

Uneasiness is best managed by knowing there is a plan and by understanding the process. That is why we have designed a commonsense approach to retirement planning:


The Piece by Piece Framework.

Using this approach you could reach retirement and thrive during it with:

  • a plan you can understand
  • a relationship built on trust, and
  • a refined process that is designed for your unique goals and needs

Debbie developed a commonsense approach to retirement planning so that it replaces the financial anxiety associated with retirement with anticipation. The process begins with a meeting where we will unveil the Piece by Piece™ framework in language you can understand

The Piece by Piece™ Retirement Income Model segments your nest egg, which is a combination of your investments, retirement accounts, 401k accounts, pensions, social security and annuities, into 3 pieces, each with a distinct purpose:

  1. Income Today  A portion to create the income you require in your early retirement years – your monthly income
  2. Income Tomorrow  A portion designed to create increased income for inflation, health care or special needs
  3. Flexibility Dollars  A portion for unplanned expenses…those unknown things which may face us around an unforeseen corner because some things just cannot be planned for…but we can still have provisions for it.

Although the process is the same for everyone, the plan that comes out of the model in terms of the asset mix, distribution timing, etc. is personalized to each individuals’ needs and goals. This is when the cornerstones of our client relationships; trust and education; are evident as our team will work closely with you to manage a retirement plan that helps you have the lifestyle you desire throughout your retirement years.

By knowing there is a plan and understanding the commonsense approach upholding it; you can enjoy your retirement passions.

Email us today for a no cost no obligation meeting to learn how we will personalize the Piece by Piece™ Retirement Income Model to fit your retirement needs and goals.

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Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss regardless of strategy selected.