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We empower women to become financially self-sufficient, so they can wake up each day with the confidence that they’ll always be able to take great care of themselves and those they love throughout their lives, they’ll never have to be a financial burden to their children, and they’ll even be able to leave behind money to continue caring for the people and causes they love.

How We Help Independent Women

When the women we support first come to us, they are wanting to feel confident and secure in their financial lives, but are concerned they may not have enough money to always be able to take care of themselves and their families and are worried that they may become a financial burden to their kids someday.

Whether married, single, divorced or widowed, the women we serve all have one thing in common- a desire for financial self-sufficiency so they don’t have to worry about relying on a job or other people for money to ensure they are always able to take care of themselves and those they care for in the best way possible.

We are here to work alongside you to design the financial portfolio you need and want while understanding the type of relationship you want with your financial advisor team:

    • It is important to both you and us that you fully understand your portfolio and financial plan. With education as one of the cornerstones of our practice, we take the time to educate through our Women and Investing workshops, Retirement School events and our Youtube channel that focus on educating our clients on investing and financial planning.
    • We communicate with our clients through regular review meetings and check-in calls, our quarterly market report, semi-annual newsletter and topic specific content that is tailored to your goals, life stage and portfolio.
    • The financial plans we design are personalized to the client’s needs, goals, risk tolerance etc.
    • We focus on your financial wellness by bringing a thorough and rigorously disciplined approach to financial planning that involves fully understanding your personal circumstances and building a one-to-one relationship with you.
    • One of the unique traits about our office is the relationships that we develop with our clients over years of working with them. We pride ourselves on bringing intelligence (as evidenced by our collective team designations: CFP®, MBA, CRPS™, FPQP™) balanced with the human element to all our client interactions. We work to develop a trusting relationship with each of our clients so no matter what occurs in the market or in our client’s life circumstance; we have already learned to be comfortable and honest with each other.