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Planning for Retirement in Case Social Security Falls Short

At one point, planning for retirement was described as a “three legged stool,” with a:

  • 1/3 of your income coming from Social Security,
  • 1/3 from pensions, and
  • 1/3 from personal savings (including IRAs and 401ks).

However, jobs with defined benefit pensions in the private sector have been declining at the same time there is overall nervousness about depending too heavily on Social Security benefits. Thus, many retirees are choosing to rely more on their personal savings for retirement needs.

Current projections by Businessweek show the Social Security system being fully funded through 2033. After 2033, the system is expected to pay out about 75% of the scheduled benefits [1].

In short, most retirees want to have their own personalized plan to meet their needs. We are well experienced in retirement planning.

This means that we will help you plan for a confident retirement by not relying too heavily on Social Security, which may or may not be fully available at the time of your retirement, but instead use other investing tools that fit your specific needs.

Farrell, Chris. “Social Security Isn’t a Basket Case.” Businessweek, June 7, 2013.