Retirement Savings Amount

How much do I need to save for retirement?

We don’t like to say this but the answer is “it depends” …. on what YOU want to do in retirement. So that is where we will start when we meet with you. I will get to know you, your interests and goals, so that we have an understanding of what you want your retirement years to include.

We will often use this checklist as a starting point to learn important information about you, the investor.

We will also uncover other needs such as saving for your children’s college education or that trip you want to take before retirement. We will also work with you to be sure your plan is flexible to adjust for unexpected life changes.

In order to accomplish this, we combine our experience in the financial services industry with appropriate investment alternatives and the latest information and technology available.

We strive to present information in a straightforward, understandable manner which is why we often use a simple diagram such as this to illustrate the different investment tools that make up an investor’s portfolio.

Another simple tool to use to help calculate how much you need to save is the Rule of 72. This useful formula estimates the number of years required for money to double and shows the “beauty” of compound interest as Debbie explains in this video.