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We help professionals become financially self-sufficient, so they don’t have to rely on a pension, social security, or even the income from their job to have the freedom to retire as early as possible and start fully enjoying their lives.

Working with Busy Professionals

The successful business professionals we work with have spent years dedicating their lives to their careers, but they often share with us that they feel exhausted from the amount of time and energy their work is requiring from them.

When they first come to us, they’re working 60 hours a week and taking more business trips than they’d like, and they’ve begun to feel like their work is consuming their lives. Because of this, they’re concerned they might miss getting to live the life that calls to them by not being able to be there for the moments that matter most to them, from family events to kids’ baseball games.

They feel their best option is to retire early so they can start living the life they want to live, but they know that without a pension and the possibility of not much support from Social Security, the only money they are going to have is what they have saved for themselves. This leaves them wondering whether or not they’ll actually be able to retire early.

They want to know how soon they can retire, and they want to feel confident that when they do, their money will be enough to last throughout their lives, and will give them the freedom to do the things they want to do for themselves and those they love.

The Piece by Piece Framework.

Using this approach you could reach retirement and thrive during it with:

  • a plan you can understand
  • a relationship built on trust, and
  • a refined process that is designed for your unique goals and needs

Debbie developed a commonsense approach to retirement planning so that it replaces the financial anxiety associated with retirement with anticipation. The process begins with a meeting where we will unveil the Piece by Piece Framework™ in language you can understand

To learn the basics about the different retirement plans, click on the link:



Owner only 401k

Profit Sharing 401k

Defined Benefit Plans

Business Owners

If you are interested in receiving a brochure describing business retirement plans in more detail, please contact us to request one.