About Us

“Being financially self-sufficient can give us the freedom to make more beautiful choices for our lives and the lives of those we love.”

-Founder, Debbie Craig

Our Approach to Planning and Investing

Through her Piece by Piece™ Framework, Debbie Craig has spent over 20 years helping her clients build financial self-sufficiency, which she describes as “the ability to rely on well-planned and properly-invested savings for financial security rather than having to rely solely on outer financial sources, such as a pension, social security, a job in one’s later years, or even another person’s income.”

Debbie’s passion, however, is helping her clients have the confidence that they’ll always be able to take care of themselves and their families, and ultimately, have the financial freedom to make the most beautiful choices for their lives.

“Most of my clients want to know first and foremost that their money is going to last throughout their lives and that they’re always going to have enough to take great care of themselves and those they love,” Debbie says.

“But it’s also about having the flexibility to make what I call ‘beautiful life choices.’ That’s really what financial self-sufficiency is about.”

Whether that’s a couple entering retirement who wants to have the financial flexibility to do special things like take their family on a memorable trip, a woman building financial independence who wants to take care of herself and her children without having to go back to work, 
or a successful professional who wants to retire as early as possible so he or she can start enjoying more quality time with their kids, Debbie’s goal is to work toward giving her clients the financial freedom to make the most beautiful life choices for themselves and those they love.

Meet the Rest of the Team

Tia Cooley

Financial Advisor